Thursday 1 August 2013

2Box & Cymbal Set for sale/Swap for TD15

£600 - 2Box DrumIt Five MkII Module OSV1.26 inc. power pack, mount plate - Mint 1yr old
£300 - Five Cymbal-Set. Hi-hat & 2 Crash/rides 1yr old. Good condition
£875 - Deal for both 
UK - Free posting
International - Payment, postage, import, etc charged to buyer (to be priced & arranged)
All questions welcome by email through 2Box forum
All perfect working order.

All questions welcome through 2Box forum only

One year old, mint condition, not a scratch, never left the house, only just taken off the protective film for this sale (photo to prove), boxed, instructions on board, no faults, as new. Open sound drum system - Samples, loops, multi triggering, load own sounds and songs, make your own kits. Very powerful module. Boxed ready to ship with power. Please note also selling cymbals separately if interested in joint purchase.

Included in Module Sale
Module Only / Power / Mount Plate / Box / Manuals are onboard / (No cables included)
UK - Free posting
International - Payment, postage, import, etc charged to buyer (to be priced)

Hi Hat & Cymbals
One year old, never left house, no hard hitting, well loved and looked after:
-Tiny wear of 1inch on one cymbal - pictured
-Tinniest superficial scratch on one crash underside - pictured
-No other pad marks at all

14" Cymbal-Pad - 2Box DrumIt Five three zones edge, bow and bell, with choke function.
12” two zone Hi-hat Pad

Included in Cymbal Sale
1 x 12” Hi Hat / Sensor block / Wig nuts & bracket (fitted to hats)
2 x 4” Crash/ride
(No cables included)

Monday 17 December 2012

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It's now officially too cold to sit outside. 00:12

Competition time

Ran competition today with 2nd yr students! All tasks had points and the prize was drinks! Project was soft drinks so it tied in nicely! Students had fun!